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Chemical Storage Locker Accessories: Explosion Relief Panels

Explosion Relief Panels from US Hazmat Rentals are designed to help minimize the risks associated with your hazardous materials. We understand that, when storing chemicals, sometimes vapors and fumes can build up over time. This process increases the risk of an explosion occurring within your rental unit. Our ventilation systems can help mitigate this hazard, but an explosion is a risk that cannot be dealt with lightly. That’s where US Hazmat Rentals’ explosion relief panels come in.

Our hazmat storage buildings are designed to resist a minimum internal pressure of 217 pounds per square foot, with two (2) pressure-relief panels located on the exterior wall designed to release at an internal pressure of 20 pounds per square foot. The explosion relief panels featured in your chemical storage unit is equipped with Factory Mutual-approved release fasteners, so you know you’re getting quality construction in your rental locker. Our explosion relief panels are engineered to release in the event that an explosion occurs within your hazmat storage rental locker. In order to minimize damages and ensure the safety of you and your team, an explosion that creates high internal pressure should be vented using panels specifically intended to relieve the pressure within your rental locker. Each panel is equipped with a state-of-the-art restraint mechanism designed to cushion the panel’s acceleration as the full open position is reached, contributing to the safety of your workplace. The explosion relief system featured on our hazmat rental storage units meets FM Approval Standard 6049.

So when you rent your hazmat storage building, make sure your building comes equipped with our state-of-the-art explosion relief system. It’s just another step toward total safety and compliance in storing your flammable liquids, paint, chemicals, and hazardous material inventory.