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Chemical Storage Locker Accessories: Secondary Spill Containment

Our Secondary Spill Containment system is designed to prevent the flow of liquids outside your hazmat storage building. Featuring a one-inch deep, continuous steel floor grating throughout the breadth of the structure, each chemical storage building is engineered with a leak-proof spill containment sump designed to contain 27% of the total volume stored, in accordance with EPA regulations.
Each building’s spill containment sump is designed for the highest resistance to external abrasion and corrosion, featuring a primer and top coat proven for chemical resistance. The exceptional durability of our secondary containment sumps helps make our rental buildings the premium choice for storing your chemical inventory.
Secondary spill containment is crucial for the protection of the environment, your community, and your team. A properly-constructed containment sump, tested for pinhole leaks, can prevent the contamination of your workplace by stopping the flow of chemicals that may have leaked from your storage containers. We’ve made it our goal to mitigate the hazards associated with chemical storage, and one of the ways we achieve this goal is by providing every client with the peace of mind that comes with a secondary containment sump that goes above and beyond to prevent the spread of chemicals. It’s the most sure-fire way to prevent your workplace and personnel from being subjected to corrosive or flammable substances, which may result in costly repairs or worse, bodily harm.
So when storing your chemical or hazmat inventory, make sure you can rest easy. Make sure you store your inventory in a building engineered with ultimate protection in mind.