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One of the most important features of our U.S. Hazmat Rentals is the ventilation system. Depending on what rental you choose, we offer both passive ventilation and explosion proof mechanical ventilation. Our ventilation systems work to make sure explosive gases and dusts are continuously vented out of your chemical storage unit. Your safety is our main concern so we install only the best ventilation in our chemical storage units to protect you.

The most basic ventilation system we offer is the passive ventilation. This option allows steady flow of air into and out of the storage unit without mechanical assistance. Passive ventilation is best for storing chemicals that do not produce hazardous gases and vapors. In our 2 and 4 hour fire rated flammable storage units we include our explosive proof mechanical ventilation. The explosive proof mechanical ventilation is necessary when storing chemicals that produce explosive, flammable, and noxious fumes. This ventilation system is also important for those who plan to mix and dispense chemicals inside the storage unit. The process of mixing and dispensing can produce larger amounts of fumes, smoke, and dust, so the explosive proof mechanical ventilation is absolutely necessary. Our mechanical vents are designed to make 6 air changes per hour at a rate no less than 1 cubic foot per minute. We isolate the motor form our mechanical vents from the contaminants in the building to prevent an explosion in the case of mechanical failure. No matter what chemical storage unit you decide to rent from us, you can guarantee the ventilation system will serve its purpose of keeping the air inside the unit fresh and clean.

Without proper ventilation, working around chemicals is dangerous and possibly even life threatening. Here at U.S. Hazmat Rentals we manufacture the best ventilation systems available. From our passive ventilation systems to our explosive proof mechanical ones, you will be safe and protected. To find out more about the ventilation you need for your next U.S. Hazmat Rental contact us today!