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Chemical Incident in a London Pub

America’s friends over the water in London recently experienced their own chemical incident. The incident took place in a pub of all places, and there were many people involved. The Devon paper reported that “Seven police officers have been taken to hospital and more than 60 people evacuated following concerns about a possible chemical leak near Oxford University.”

In a stroke of luck, officers were nearby when the incident took place. The local police issued this statement “Officers were conducting a routine arrest at a property in Elizabeth Jennings Way, Oxford, this morning at 5.16am. Street in Oxford evacuated over suspected chemical hazard.”

“We were made aware by the occupants of a potential chemical hazard and precautions were taken as a result. The property is safe. Officers are attending and continue with their search and investigation and it is hoped that residents will be allowed to return during the course of the day.” One of the most important statements issued, “The incident is not being treated as terrorism-related.”

Anxiety is high through the modern world. Gun violence, acts of terrorism and other incidents have placed a sense of unease on everyone. Business owners, manufacturers, and any institution that handles chemicals (not excluding pubs) should do their best in order to ensure that citizens can rest easy.

If you’re reading this as the owner of a business, perhaps take a look at U.S. HAZMAT’s chemical storage lockers. These lockers can be used in any situation chemicals are involved in. U.S. HAZMAT has trained consultation professionals on board, so there is no need to consult with outside experts. A preview of one possible chemical storage options is listed below.

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November 9, 2017
Chris White

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