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Chemical Incident Report 12/7/17

A chemical explosion that sent a fireball into the air is currently under investigation by the authorities. The explosion took place in Dwight, North Dakota. Large containers were filled with chemicals and kept on the back of a trailer. No one knows why or how the chemicals were ignited the way they were. No one was injured, as it took place away from the public. The circumstances are indeed strange, and somewhat suspicious.

The safest place to store chemicals is inside a U.S. HAZMAT Rental Storage locker. The lockers have been assessted by our team of risk management professionals. The storage containers we provide here at U.S. HAZMAT Rentals are secure, and any intruders will have an extremely difficult time getting in without equipment. Not only will your property be safe, but so will the lives of every living creature nearby.

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Outdoor Storage Lockers

In a situation in which you need to store 55 gallon barrels outdoors, but in a safe fashion. The outdoor storage lockers are a great starting point. Our outdoor storage lockers are designed for the highest safety in outdoor chemical storage. Built from only the strongest, finest 12 gauge steel, these chemical storage lockers are the most effective way to protect your chemical inventory in an outdoor environment.

These storage lockers are easy to transport with the use of a forklift and feature heavy-duty lock security for the highest chemical storage protection. These lockers also feature a built-in sump, designed and tested to ensure that no chemical leaks or spills will enter the environment. With our outdoor chemical storage lockers, we aim to bring you the safest option in hazmat storage. There are three sizes to choose from. We always have chemical storage lockers readily available for your use, so contact us and we’ll help you select the best chemical storage locker for your needs.

December 12, 2017
Chris White

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