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Flammable Storage Buildings 4 Hour Fire Rated

For Safe and Secure Flammable Storage

4 Hr Fire Rated Structures are engineered and designed specifically for flammable storage safety certification. Our four (4) hour fire rated storage buildings are for storing combustibles and flammable chemicals that need to be located within 10′ or inside an occupied facility. Our rentals ensure your company will meet all NFPA and OSHA requirements for your chemical storage needs. U.S. Hazmat Rental’s buildings are rigorously tested to hold their structure for over four hours of intense internal blaze. They will contain a barrage of excessively hot gases, liquids, and solids, protecting your workers, your equipment and your facility by providing ample time to evacuate in the case of an incident.

Renting a flammable storage building will give you the safety and assurance you need and the flexibility of rental units that allow you to manage your budget. Our fire rated storage rentals, both our four (4) hour and two (2) hour fire rated buildings, are guaranteed to meet or exceed industry standards. Check with your local inspectors and authorities to see if a 4 hour fire rated building rental will solve your hazmat storage needs.

A Four (4) Hour Fire Rated flammable chemical storage buildings comes equipped with:

20x8 4 hour fire-rated chemical storage locker

12 Barrel – 4 hr Fire Rated Storage Buildings

Hazardous Material and Chemical Storage Locker

4 Hour Hazardous Material Storage


27 Barrel – 4 hr Fire Rated Storage Buildings


20x8 4 hour fire-rated chemical storage locker

Hazmat Storage Building Fire Rated

42 Barrel – 4 hr Fire Rated Storage Buildings

Fire Rated Chemical Storage Building with 4 Hours of Containment

4 Hour Chemical Storage Building


57 Barrel – 4 hr Fire Rated Storage Buildings


40' Hazardous Material Storage Locker 4 Hour Fire Rated by US Hazmat Rentals

40′ Hazardous Material Storage Locker

For your temperature containment, chemical storage, and fire safety needs, rely on a rental building from US Hazmat! Call us today for immediate delivery: 1-888-264-2449