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Modified ISO Container Chemical Storage

Choosing the best way to safely store hazardous materials can be problematic. With so many options available, a project manager may become overwhelmed in making this significant choice. US Hazmat Rentals provides a simple and easy solution to your chemical storage needs with our modified ISO containers.

US Hazmat Rentals Converted Connex Box versus a Traditional ISO Container Storage.

What is an ISO Container or Connex Box?

An ISO container, also known as a Connex Box, is a large, steel shipping container. These containers were originally manufactured in the 1950s as a way to streamline the loading and unloading processes of large shipments. Rather than having to individually unload barrels of goods, the ISO shipping container allowed large-scale shipping companies to efficiently store and unload large amounts of items in a short amount of time. A key feature of these containers it that they are easily stackable. Each of the corners has twistlock fasteners to securely place the containers on top of one another. The ability to stack containers also reduced the amount of floor space needed for shipments.

ISO containers are made of premium grade corrugated weathering steel. This is commonly known as “Cor-ten steel”. This steel is specifically designed to resist exterior corrosion, and is built for use in areas where at least some of the steel will be exposed to the elements. In addition, the ISO containers have a monocoque construction, meaning the floor, ceiling, and walls of the container are continuously welded into one piece. Continuous welding makes these containers extremely durable and strong.

Enhanced Chemical Storage Storage Containers

ISO containers have a large amount of floor space, in addition to an already strong and durable design. US Hazmat Rentals has taken this stable and efficient blueprint and we’ve bettered it to create a compliant non-fire rated chemical locker for safe and proper storage of hazardous materials or chemicals.

While the connex box is already ideal for storage of large amounts of materials, our designs include enhanced safety features necessary for lawful chemical storage. First, these storage boxes feature a secondary containment system that is built into the floor of the container. This secondary containment system consists of a continuously welded steel floor grating located above a secondary containment sump. If a chemical spill or leak were to occur, the chemicals would fall through the floor grating and into the leak-proof sump. This added protection for your workflow, your personnel and the environment. Furthermore, two explosion proof light fixtures are provided. This lighting is uniquely made for use in areas of high moisture, dust, dirt, corrosion, and vibrations. Lastly, a carefully organized mechanical ventilation system has been furnished to administer clean air throughout the storage unit. The ventilation system facilitates air movement across the container floor as well as releasing excess exhaust above the unit to avoid recirculating contaminated air.

US Hazmat Rentals can also provide a climate controlled unit. This locker has all of the aforementioned safety features, plus explosion proof heating and air conditioning. The air conditioning and heating units include a user-adjustable thermostat to allow for proper storage of hazardous chemicals.

Non-Fire Rated Storage

Our modified ISO container chemical storage units include the non-fire rated CB2008 and CBC2008 chemical storage lockers. Non-fire rated buildings are constructed primarily for the storage of non-flammable hazardous chemicals. Some examples include pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, paints, solvents, and some caustics. However, these buildings can also be used to store flammable chemicals, as long as all laws and regulations are followed. For example, when using a non-fire rated building to store flammable materials, your storage container must be located at least 75 feet away from any building. Always be sure to check your local and federal regulations regarding safe chemical storage.

US Hazmat rentals makes chemical storage simply and easy.  ISO containers are built to last, and with our industry leading modifications, our units meet OSHA and EPA safety standards. We have taken this durable design and transformed it into a safe and affordable way to carefully store your hazardous chemicals or materials. Don’t get caught mishandling hazardous materials. We have the right solution for all you storage needs. Contact a storage specialist today.