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Explosive Storage Rentals

Safe Storage for Explosives, Ammunition, Pyrotechnics and more!

Our explosive storage is built to the highest quality standard. When you rent explosive storage from us, you are getting a magazine, locker or building that meets or exceeds ATF standards. These units are available in small, medium, and large sizes, as well as mobile magazines. Uses for this type of unit include:

It is our goal to bring you fully compliant storage units, so that your explosive materials are stored with safety and convenience. Utilize our explosive storage magazines for the highest protection in hazmat storage. Our magazines are built with the highest quality components to ensure the highest safety rating for your explosive materials. Hazmat storage is something that should be handled with the utmost care. As with any hazardous materials storage, the best practice is to enact safe and proper storage procedures for explosive materials. This means adhering to, and sometimes exceeding, explosive storage codes and regulations. At US Hazmat Rentals, we can help you achieve compliance.

Our explosive storage magazines are available for rental during the time that you need it, so you are not investing in a life-long storage unit that you don’t need. At US Hazmat Rentals, we place value on your safety as well as your convenience, relieving you of the stress that comes with explosive storage. Each of our explosive storage magazines is maintained and kept readily available for rental, because with proper explosives storage, immediate compliance is crucial. Contact us today and choose from our small, medium, and large magazines to get the explosive storage unit best suited for your needs.