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Prefabricated, portable, self-contained Type II indoor or outdoor storage magazines are constructed to be fire-resistant, weather-resistant, and theft-resistant. These magazines meet or exceed ATF standards. Conform to Article 77 of the 1997 Uniform Fire Code.

Small Explosive Magazine Storage Cabinet by US Hazmat Rentals Features of our Small Explosive Storage Magazines include:

Our explosive storage magazines are built with non-sparking wooden interiors for the highest safety in explosive storage. Our 18 gauge steel exterior is designed for maximum safety protection; it is made from only the finest steel. The use of 2 hasps provides additional security for your explosive goods. Use our small explosive magazine for the safe storage of high and low explosives, detonators, blasting caps, pyrotechnics, and ammunition. This unit has been engineered with your utmost protection in mind.

US Hazmat Rentals offers these small explosive storage magazines for your convenience. Rent them during the time you need, without committing yourself to a lifelong storage building you have no use for. At US Hazmat Rentals, we are dedicated to bringing you compliant explosive storage magazines that deliver the highest safety for your explosive materials. When it comes to storing explosive materials, your safety starts with US Hazmat Rentals.