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Extreme Chemical Incident Caused By Harvey

U.S. HAZMAT Rentals Can Save Your Business From Chemical Incidents

Fire Rated Chemical Storage Building Rentals

Chemical Storage Lockers

Hurricane Harvey is a hurricane that’s extremely difficult to prepare for. In most instances like a category 5 hurricane, it’s best to prepare for the worst and expect disaster. It’s not certain whether or not a bit of preparation before the storm would have helped prevent the incident in Houston, but a phone call to U.S. HAZMAT Rentals is a lot easier than battling a lawsuit. So give us a call today and see if your business woes can be prevented by rental of chemical storage lockers, or flammable storage buildings. Our chemical storage lockers a solution of handling hazardous materials and preventing chemical spills and fires. We achieve every compliance and applicable code and requirements. There are essentially two different types of flammable storage buildings, fire rated in different strengths. The 2 hour Fire Rated buildings need to be located 10’ to 75’ feet of an occupied facility or property line. If unfortunately, an unforeseen reaction happens in the chemical storage locker, they are capable of dealing with two hours of internal blaze. Hence, the 2 hour fire rated flammable storage building title. They have several features that work to ensure this is possible, for example:

• Explosion Proof Light
• Explosion Proof Mechanical Exhaust Fan
• Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System
• Explosion Relief Panel
• Premium 12 Gauge Steel Construction
• Heavy Duty Lock Security
• A Built-In Sump Chemical Spill Containment
• Drum Storage Capacity Options: 12, 27, 42, or 57 barrels
• Movable by heavy forklift
• Crane Lifting Lugs

The 4 hour fire rated buildings  are similar in nature, but are built to be stronger and rate for 4 hours of internal blaze. These chemical storage lockers are made to meet or exceed storage lockers. They come in 12, 27, 42, 57 barrel sizes. If you’d like to take precautions in order to protect the safety and livelihood of your employees and business than look no further. U.S. HAZMAT Rentals are the best in the business when it comes to chemical storage lockers and flammable storage buildings. Call in today to speak with a representative and have all of your chemical storage needs met. We look forward to helping you protect your business, and your employees.

September 12, 2017
Chris White

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