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OSHA Requirements for Industrial Paint Storage Cabinets

OSHA and NFPA: Navigating Regulation for Flammable Paint Storage Cabinets

As a business owner, there is one thing you never want to see: an OSHA citation. Even worse, someone getting injured because your business didn’t comply with NFPA 70 (National Electric Code) or NFPA 30 (Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code) or the OSHA regulations for paint storage cabinets.

The OSHA paint codes are found within Standard 1926.106 and 1926.152. Most industrial paints are classified as Class II Combustible Liquids, but other industrial paint shop chemicals like acetone are classified in more tightly controlled categories. It is imperative for your business to know how the paint storage cabinets you use are classified, to avoid any run ins with the OSHA code. Beyond this, the National Fire Prevention Association also has industry guidelines used to keep equipment used for hazardous material handling up to a high standard.

All of this regulation can seem costly and complicated, especially with everything else that goes into running a commercial business. But what is the alternative?

$262,000 penalty for Paint Storage Violations

“Flammable vapors ignited in the production facility, resulting in an explosion and fire that caused extensive damage to the building and the interconnected aerosol-propellant charging rooms. Multiple violations of OSHA’s process safety management standards for facilities that use highly hazardous chemicals were found at the facility.” – OSHA  News Release, Sept. 5, 2013


The unfortunate case study of Fox Valley Systems shows what can happen when regulations are ignored. On March 6th, 2013

, three employees at the Cary, Illinois aerosol paint factory were seriously injured in a chemical deflagration, and 26 OSHA violations, totaling $262,000 were levied against the company. A lot of these serious and willful violations were general bad business practices, like obstructing doorways, but a good deal of them were direct violation of the requirements for paint storage cabinets.

Here are the Industrial Paint Shop regulations this company disobeyed as defined by OSHA in the Flammable and Combustible Liquids Regulations (OSHA Standard 1926.106 and 1926.152) and what it cost them:

Draining and Diked Areas around Flammable Chemical Storage

Standard #1910.106(b)(2)(vii)(a)

The company failed to provide adequate drainage for storage tanks containing Toluene, Acetone, and Lactol.

Non-Compliance Penalty Cost: $2,000

No Lock on fireproof storage cabinets

Standard # 1910.106(d)(3)(ii)(a)

The lock on a fireproof cabinet for paint was broken, resulting in a violation that could have easily been prevented.

Non-Compliance Penalty Cost:  $2,800

Improper Storage Locations/Exceeding Capacity

Standard # 1910.106(d)(4)(i)

The room the company was using did not meet the safety requirements or the storage capacity requirements for industrial chemical handling. The room they were using did not meet any of the drainage, spill containment, or electrical safety standards set forth by the NPFA 30 and OSHA Standards. They also egregiously exceeded the maximum storage space for flammable and combustible liquids. They were using a 10,000 square foot room as an indoor hazardous materials facility. The OSHA maximum square footage for fire safe industrial paint storage: 500.

Non-Compliance Penalty Cost:  $5,600

Using General Purpose Electric Equipment

Standard # 1910.106(d)(4)(iii)

To top everything off, the electrical wiring in the indoor storage was not approved for use in Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Locations.

Non-Compliance Penalty Cost:  $2,800

US HAZMAT Rentals Storage lockers on a trailer.With these violations, the company in question was forced to pay in violations more money than it would have taken to maintain compliance with the OSHA requirements for Industrial Paint Storage. Worse than that, this willful non-compliance led to 3 people being seriously injured.

You can find the full text of the OSHA regulations for flammable and combustible liquids here and here, and the full write up on the OSHA violations at Fox Valley Systems here. It may seem onerous and complicated to follow all of these rules, but the cost of the penalties and potential injury to your employees and property is even more of a burden.

Luckily, all of the storage solutions carried by U.S. Hazmat Rentals are designed to meet or exceed the government standards set forth by OSHA. If you have questions about your industrial paint storage solutions, give our team a call at (866) 284-0776 today.


Fire Safe Storage for Industrial Paint Systems

At U.S. Hazmat Rentals, we work with industrial paint companies regularly to meet these all-important standards. We carry a full spectrum of fire-rated paint storage containers, suitable for paint-mixing and storing other materials up to Class 1A Flammable Chemicals. Our 4-hour fire rated industrial paint storage lockers allow for materials to be located closer to your facilities to improve the efficiency of your businesses operation.

Our fireproof paint cabinets can be engineered to fit your specifications. All of our flammable liquid storage buildings are made and manufactured in the USA. Here are just some of the acceptable uses for our flammable chemical storage buildings:

Store up to Class 1A Flammable Chemicals:

  • Acetaldehyde storage
  • Collodion storage
  • Ethylamine storage
  • Ethylene oxide storage
  • Ethyl chloride storage
  • Ethyl ether storage
  • Diethyl ethyl ether storage
  • Furfuran storage
  • Isopropyl chloride storage
  • Methyl Ethyl ether storage
  • Pentane storage
  • Pentene storage
  • Petroleum ether storage
  • Propylene oxide storage





Mix/Store Class 1B and Class 1C Flammable Chemicals:

  • Acetone storage
  • Acrolein storage
  • Acrylonitrile storage
  • Acetonitrile storage
  • Benzene storage
  • Butyl alcohol storage
  • Dichloroethane storage
  • Ethyl acetate storage
  • Ethyl alcohol storage
  • Ethylene glycol dimethylether storage
  • Gasoline storage
  • Hexane storage
  • Isopropyl alcohol storage
  • Methyl alcohol storage
  • Methyl ethyl ketone storage
  • Methylcyclohexane storage
  • Tetrahydrofuran storage
  • Toluene storage
  • Amyl acetate storage
  • Amyl alcohol storage
  • Dibutyl ether storage
  • Chlorohexane storage
  • Naptha storage
  • Styrene storage
  • Turpentine storage
  • Xylene storage









In addition, all industrial storage solutions are equipped with the appropriate explosion-proof refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, and monitoring systems and EPA compliant spill containment. We work across a broad range of industries and are ready to help you find the best fitting, cost-appropriate storage system for your industrial business. In addition to industrial paint storage, we also have solutions to rent fire-rated chemical storage buildings, storm shelters, explosive material storage, and accessories for chemical storage lockers.

Look over the products and services on our website, and give us a call at (866) 284-0776 if you have any questions about the best solution for storing chemicals at your business.

Thank you for reading, hopefully this information on the requirements for Industrial Paint Storage was useful. Give our expert team a call today and find the fireproof cabinet that fits your commercial standards.

More reading on NFPA and OSHA Requirements for Industrial Paint Storage Cabinets: 

NFPA 30: Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code


Classification of Flammable and Combustible Liquids


OSHA Safety and Health Regulations for Construction, Standard 1926.152: Flammable Liquids.


OSHA Citation and Notification of Penalty: Fox Valley Systems


U.S. Chemical Storage Industrial Paint Storage Solutions:

The team at U.S Hazmat Rentals is dedicated to helping companies streamline their manufacturing process by providing safe, custom solutions for hazardous materials and paint storage cabinets. All of our chemical and paint storage cabinets conform to NFPA standards and OSHA requirements. Contact us today if you need a straightforward quote for to keep your industrial paint storage compliant.

These 100% compliant and customizable containers allow for Class 1A Flammable Chemical Storage and mixing of Class 1B Flammable Chemicals to occur closer to your facility. Our patented FIREloc™ and SUPERloc™ paint storage cabinets improve production, distribution, and safety while decreasing the costs associated with insurance policy renewals, inspections and hazardous spills.

Request a Quote | (866) 284-0776

The unmatched strength of our flammable chemical storage buildings guarantee years of compliant use. Learn more on our website, or give us a call at (866) 284-0776 and allow our expert team to help design your industrial paint storage cabinet solution for mixing and storing paints and other chemicals.




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