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Mobile Offices

Numerous factors can hinder normal operations, and project sites in remote locations can make managing these operations that much more difficult. Whether your team needs to operate in close proximity to a hazardous conditions, or you just need a safe and secure place for management and other employees to meet, our modular office buildings are the perfect solution.  If you’re working in a high risk area or in a location prone to weather-related emergencies that can impede work progress, our safe rooms provide the on-site safety and security for your employees you’ve been looking for.

Our mobile offices are vital for those that need an extra meeting space close to an active short or long-term work zone.  Our mobile offices can be designed to fit most any needs you might have at your home office or remote job sites. They can be constructed with added weight for stability in climates with fierce winds.  You can also source upgrade options such as fully explosion proof construction or air filtration systems for complete protection.  Our safe, secure office interiors can be easily modified to your needs using a ‘floating floor’ system which allows you to fit advanced wiring and equipment for complex information technology and telecommunications.

When working on a job site there is no need to purchase a mobile office and have to transport it around to each location. Take away the hassle of upkeep and transportation, and rent a building from U.S. Hazmat Rentals. Our shelters and chemical containers can take care of your every need.

Our mobile offices can include a variety of features including:

U.S. Hazmat Rentals mobile offices have potential value in every industry in which employees regularly function in remote locations or need additional facilities more conveniently located near the job site.

Industries we’re constantly active in include:

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