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Temporary Emergency HAZMAT Storage

Throughout the United States chemical incidents are far too regular an occurrence. The CDC reported that between the years of 1998-2008 “a total of 57,975 incidents and 15,506 injured persons, including 354 deaths took place”. The number of fatalities is too high, but it is low compared to the number of injuries. The cleanup process is the most dangerous due to the lingering effects of hazardous vapors, chemical burns, and fires that require specific methods to extinguish. Not to mention emergency response teams can only anticipate what they are informed of by the facilities in which the incident occurs. As a result, companies can be fined for improper storage, handling, processing, and other compliance issues, not just for spills, and big-even impact / cleanup. The cleanup is also extensive, and repairs can extend the inoperability of the facility for up to years at a time.

That’s where we come in. U.S. HAZMAT Rentals is a company with many services. We pride ourselves on assisting facilities of all sizes in dealing with long term hazardous material storage, as well as short term emergency storage. Our team of professionals is a steadfast reliable task force, bent on making sure hazardous materials are safely contained. We have many storage locker options, depending on what is stored and for how long. If you’re concerned as to which you need to procure, our team team of Risk Management and Mitigation professionals have you covered. U.S. HAZMAT Rentals assists companies and business owners in determining which products they need. With a quality selection of climate controlled Chemical Storage Buildings, Fire Rated Lockers, and Explosive Magazine Storage, we can meet or exceed your compliance and safety storage needs.

Temporary Emergency Storage for Chemical Spills

US HAZMAT Rentals Storage lockers on a trailer.

We service clients who have planned projects as well as those who might need emergency storage as quickly as possible. Our team is ready to respond with the appropriate storage for most every situation. Even in temporary emergency incidents that require rapid deployment and implementation of certified compliant storage.  Our products can be used to handle acid, combustible, and corrosive chemical waste. HAZMAT teams benefit immensely with a storage container that is reliable and trustworthy. Our solutions are designed and engineered from the ground up for safe, compliant storage and secondary containment for wide array of scenarios across most every industry, and in most every commercial and industrial setting. We offer both outdoor and hazardous material storage solutions compliant with OSHA, NFPA, UL, FM, Warnock Hersey / Intertek, and most codes with local jurisdictions having authority. For example, our 4 hour fire rated flammable storage buildings.

Flammable Storage Buildings 4 Hour Fire Rated

4 Hr Fire Rated Structures are engineered and designed specifically for flammable storage safety certification. Our four (4) hour fire rated storage buildings are for storing combustibles and flammable chemicals that need to be located within 10′ or inside an occupied facility. Our rentals ensure your company will meet all NFPA and OSHA requirements for your chemical storage needs. U.S. Hazmat Rental’s buildings are rigorously tested to hold their structure for over four hours of intense internal blaze. They will contain a barrage of excessively hot gases, liquids, and solids, protecting your workers, your equipment and your facility by providing ample time to evacuate in the case of an incident.

Renting a flammable storage building will give you the safety and assurance you need and the flexibility of rental units that allow you to manage your budget. Our fire rated storage rentals, both our four (4) hour and two (2) hour fire rated buildings, are guaranteed to meet or exceed industry standards. Check with your local inspectors and authorities to see if a 4 hour fire rated building rental will solve your hazmat storage needs.

A Four (4) Hour Fire Rated flammable chemical storage buildings comes equipped with:

20x8 4 hour fire-rated chemical storage locker

  • Explosion Proof Light
  • Explosion Proof Mechanical Exhaust Fan
  • Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System
  • Explosion Relief Panel
  • Premium 12 Gauge Steel Construction
  • Heavy Duty Lock Security
  • A Built-In Sump Chemical Spill Containment
  • Drum Storage Capacity Options: 12, 27, 42, or 57 barrels
  • Movable by heavy forklift
  • Crane Lifting Lugs



U.S. HAZMAT Rentals and Temporary Emergency Storage

Ensure you’re in compliance with US Hazmat Rentals. Need it fast? Consult with our professionals to deliver the chemical storage you need quickly. Have a long-term repair or maintenance project? No problem. Have a short term compliance need? Give us a call. Have an Emergency? Contact us for fast delivery of emergency storage solutions. We offer a wide variety of storage lockers that can be arranged and fitted to your needs swiftly. Our delivery options can cast a shadow on the most exclusive shipping services available. We know that when it comes to chemicals and hazardous materials, quality and compliant storage is a must. Human lives are at stake, as well as mountains of legal fees and a long list of associated compliance failure fines. A single chemical incident can ruin a business. So be smart, contact US Hazmat Rentals to protect your employees and your business from devastating consequences of improper chemical storage. Call now for a free consultation from one of our chemical storage experts.

November 27, 2017
Chris White

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