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Chemical Storage Locker Accessories: Explosion Proof Lighting

Every accessory featured in our chemical storage units is built with precision to ensure the highest quality product for our clients. Our lighting accessories are no exception. Each hazmat storage building is equipped with interior lighting accessories designed to meet your needs. Access to your chemical storage building is, of course, vital to the storage process. Our storage units come equipped with much-needed lighting that enhance the safety of anyone handling your chemical inventory. A full field of vision is a safety precaution enabling you and your team to work with your hazmat storage with confidence.

Our explosion proof light fixtures are engineered for increased protection. The heavy-duty housing is sealed for maximum safety. The incandescent light features a glass globe and a protective metal guard for added protection. We’ve taken extra precautions with our explosion proof lighting, providing you with corrosion-proof engineering so you can store your hazardous materials with peace of mind. Not to mention, water resistant construction ensures that the explosive proof light fixture can endure most environmental conditions.

Explosion proof lighting in your hazmat storage rental unit is designed with your safety in mind. We’ve selectively outfitted our buildings with quality lighting components to prevent the hazards associated with airborne gas, dust, vapors, and combustible fibers. Our explosion proof lighting is specially designed to prevent igniting these materials.

Our explosion proof lighting components are UL listed and are perfect for use where moisture, dirt, dust, corrosion, and vibration may be present. Ask about lighting options when you rent your hazmat storage building from US Hazmat Rentals.