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Why rent instead of buying?

If you’re considering the best option for your hazmat storage, renting may be the right choice for you. Here are just a few reasons why renting a hazmat storage building is the perfect solution for your needs.

Stay within your budget:

When department budgets are cut or do not allow for the purchase of a new chemical storage building, renting is the answer. The monthly charge is much less than the cost of a brand new building, allowing you to save money while storing your hazardous materials in a safe, compliant storage unit.

Control your time:

Sometimes you will only need a building for a couple of months until a project, such as new construction, is complete. By renting a chemical storage building, you can get a safe, secure structure for only the time that you need it, without having to invest in a permanent building that you don’t need.

Assess your needs before you buy:

Today you may only need to house 10 barrels, but soon your need for hazardous material storage may increase. By renting, you can take advantage of utilizing the size you need during a specific time without concerns of outgrowing your storage capacity.

Turnkey Solution:

We always have chemical storage buildings, lockers, and magazines on-hand and ready for delivery to your project. You can easily achieve chemical storage safety and compliance in no time at all. Just contact us and let us know your requirements; we’ll supply you with a ready-to-use, fully-compliant chemical storage unit.