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Chemical Explosion in North Carolina, One Injured

Recently a radius of a half mile was evacuated and closed off for five hours due to a chemical explosion. The incident took place in our home state of North Carolina, near Dunn. The explosion took place specifically at Brainerd Chemical located on 1600 S. Wilson Ave near U.S. 301. Brainerd Chemical makes cleaners for various purposes. The area evacuated and closed off included the highway and also the railroad tracks. The Daily Record reported that Harnett County Emergency Services Director Jimmy Riddle said, “We had an explosion over here. Everything is contained to speak of and we’re working with the Fayetteville regional response team; the hazmat team. We’re working with them. They are doing some monitoring for us.” The fire that started was small, and only one person was injured. Riddle also said, “They have already been checked out and released from the hospital. If everything looks OK there, (the evacuation) will be released at that time. Everything went as well as it could have.”

Some speculation as to how the incident occurred seems to lean towards a mechanical malfunction. The authorities are attempting to uncover the cause to ensure there was no human error or malfeasance from the company. Fortunately the only other people involved in the evacuation were inconvenienced as best. A press release from Breinard reads,

“The release was controlled and all product was contained on site. The Fayetteville Fire/Emergency Management Department’s Hazardous Materials Team (also known as North Carolina Regional Response Team 3), also responded to assist with the incident. The area, which includes only businesses and four private residences, remains evacuated until air monitoring on the property is completed. Hazardous materials crews were conducting air monitoring operations to ensure the environment is safe prior to releasing the building back to the owner.”

Chemical Explosions and Why HAZMAT Rentals Can Help

These incidents are layered with lines and lines of red tape. The reason being the amount of regulations and procedures that can lead to charges and failure to comply fines is staggering. This is why we come in. US HAZMAT Rentals does all of the legwork. Our explosion proof lockers can help you store hazardous chemicals while repairs are made (which may have been the case at Brainerd), or simply to move chemicals to a new facility. We assist many clients with many different needs and requirements. Whatever your chemical storage requests are our experienced team of professionals can get the job done for you. Call in now for a free consultation, and if you need a locker soon we can expedite the process to prevent an incident like the one above.

August 17, 2017
Chris White

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